About Me

I spent about 7 years in the desktop support world before transitioning into an enterprise organization.  For a year and a half after that I was mostly doing rack and stack along with some server sysadmin-ing.  This was my first introduction into the data center world.

Since October 2011 I’ve done nothing but storage, and have loved every bit of it.  I was given some wise and invaluable advice right as I moved into a storage administrator role, and that was “don’t learn a vendor, learn storage.”  I encourage every new person I meet in the field to do the same.  Learn general concepts, and apply them to vendor technology.  Don’t try to learn storage concepts from vendor technology!

My original storage admin role was with NetApp and I have extensive experience with NetApp filers, but over time have gravitated towards the EMC product set.  (No, I don’t hate NetApp.  I dislike things about the NetApp platform, just like I do with the EMC platform)  I had the opportunity to transition into being fully EMC focused as a post-sales engineer.  My skillset is in the areas of EMC VNX, VMAX, VPLEX, RecoverPoint, and XtremIO. And as far as FC networking goes, I’ve done Brocade before but my current skillset really revolves around Cisco MDS. I also have side interests in scripting, databases, virtualization, and data center networking.  And I now work with converged infrastructure sales a-la VCE vBlock systems.

Finally, I always welcome correction (with sufficient documentation) and discussion.  Nobody can know everything, and I certainly will never pretend I do.  My work life centers around my learning experience, day in and day out.  My hope is that this site can be a learning experience for both me and some readers.

I am on LinkedIn – http://www.linkedin.com/in/raidzero

And also on Twitter: https://twitter.com/raid_zero

As far as non-work interests, I am a TV and movie junky.  I enjoy all sorts of music and play video games off and on.  When the time comes around I try my best to be a fantasy football coach, which I’m just okay at but really enjoy a ton.

I am also lucky enough to have found my wonderful wife Lauren and am recently a first-time daddy as well!

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